Boghrat Classical, Flamenco & Pop Guitar Academy is managed by Boghrat Sadeghan Guitar composer and player, located in Los Angeles California. Boghrat Guitar Academy is focusing on educating students In all levels srarting early ages with a unique aproach which Boghrat created over 40 years of experience . This is a big opportunity for students who live in Los Angeles Area to take lessons .In addition, students who can't attend the class they may take live lessons online via Internet with the same quality as our private lessons.

Sheet music and Private classes prices

Boghrat Guitar Academy has published over 150 Music pieces and no other publishers or bookstores carry our unique arrangements. Sheet music & Tablarues are free of charge for the Guitar Academy Students .

Sheet Music & Tablatures
The cost is only $20 per song; in instances of multiple purchases the price is $15 per song.
Sheet music Price List
Private Guitar Lessons
The price for four private sessions is $200, which consists of a 4 week training session; one session per week and each session is one hour long.
Online Guitar Lessons
The price for four online sessions in a month $200 , which is 4 weeks of training, one session per week and each session is one hour long.
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